[Pics] Husband Introduces Wife To The Wild Gorilla He Raised, But Things Didn’t Go As Planned


1. An Exotic Childhood

Damian Aspinall grew up around exotic creatures. His dad, John Aspinall, setup Howletts Wild Animal Park in 1957, where Damian grew up as a kid. The 700-acre estate is situated in Kent, England and is home to a wide variety of exotic animals.


He recalls that after as a kid, he had been stuck in a tree along with the gorilla came, place him on her back and climbed down. She wiped away his tears and comforted him. But despite this warm relationship, Damian shared with animals from such a young age; nothing could have prepared him for what he’d face with a bunch of gorillas he raised many decades later.

2. The Aspinall Foundation

The organization promoted wildlife conservation and proceeded to create two zoos in the United Kingdom — Port Lympne Wild Animal Park and Howletts Wild Animal Park.


Both of those places breed rare and endangered animals, like gorillas and tigers. The organization has a job for orphaned gorillas and a job that reintroduces bred gorillas back to the wild in Plateau Bateke National Park in Gabon. When Damian became the chairman of this organization after his dad passed away, he’d big and terrific strategies for the animals, and it all started when he was a young child.

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