Tony Abbott is ready to return to the post of Prime Minister

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott did not rule out the possibility of returning to the dock and asking for a party leader if he kept his Warringah seat in next year’s federal election. “I do not exclude any of these things,” Abbott told the Australian newspaper. “I’m 61, which is not old, I’m Australia’s best-known MP.”

Mr. Abbott stated that he was aware of the maneuvers within the Liberal ranks of using his role in the leadership chaos to overthrow him, but insisted that he had no role to play in the resignation of former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in August. “Unfortunately, Malcolm was the real author of his disappearance, first of all by persisting too long in the politics with which he should have known that our party hall would never be comfortable.” And secondly, by stooping against a reversal motion he did not owe, which exposed the fragility of his own support “. He also said that Prime Minister Scott Morrison had not explained his speech on the change of leadership.


Abbott holds the Warringah head office in Sydney at 11.1 percent, but faces a strong “anti-Abbott campaign”, coordinated by grassroots groups and GetUp to oust him from the electorate. On criticism of his approach to climate change, Mr Abbott said he thought it was a big problem but it was not a “first class” problem. Louise Hislop, president of Voices of Warringah – one of the groups working to change the electorate – said Abbott was “disconnected”. The group uses the Kitchen Table Conversations model, a Voices for Indi consultation process, in which small groups of voters meet to discuss issues and share their views and ideas with a committee.

“In our conversations so far, climate change was a top priority for the people of Warringah,” Hislop told AAP. She stated that some of the committees had “tried to build relationships with [Mr. Abbott] in the past” but they simply did not think anything had been done. “When I met Abbott many years ago to talk about the need to take action on climate change, he gave me a little time, but showed no interest in changing his habits. In fact, it has come a long way since then, wanting public funding for new coal-fired power stations, “said Hislop.

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